Mojo .....

Specialising in:

1) Art plastic;
including, Bakelite, Galalith
(French Bakelite), lucite and celluloid,
with a good selection of jewelry, handbags, spectacles and novelty items in stock. Mostly vintage, with a few exciting pieces from today's designers in France, Germany and the States.

2) Natural jewelry;
Amber, Whitby Jet, Malachite, Ivory etc.

3) Perfumes & cosmetics;
from then 'till now.

4) Linens;
to use, and admire.

5) For the boys;
Tootal scarves, trilby's, bunnets , clockwork toys, vestas, etc.

mojo 2
mojo 3

Come and have a look, there really is something for everyone,

look forward to seeing you ......